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Jamie Annette Lauriault

Jamie Annette Lauriault

My name is Jamie Annette Lauriault.  I was born in Madoc, Ontario, a small farming community.  I was an active child that loved to play sports.  At the age of 12 I was fortunate enough to join a country and western band and became the lead singer.  We weren’t famous except in our own community.  Our school principal was so proud of us that we were given transportation and allowed to leave classes and go from school to school to perform.  We were on local TV, which was life alerting for me.  At that time that was what I wanted to become, a singer, I loved it. When I was on stage there was nothing like it.  The response from the audience made it all worth it.

At the same time that I got wise to keeping our farm house clean, I got interested in decorating.  We as farmers did not have a lot of money so I would page through  the Simpson Sears catalogue and study the furniture section.  One summer my parents purchased from the catalogue a couch and an arm chair.  I remember it had red in it and it had wood legs.  My mother used to tell me that if I didn’t stop moving the couch around that I was going to break the legs one day and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.  My father is Irish and my mother is German and she could cook.  Maybe that is where I got my love for cooking.  As a child we did not entertain very often, but I remember my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Harry  coming for dinner and we would bring out the good stuff and we would feast.  Great memories.  I have passed on my love of cooking to both my son and especially my daughter.  My daughter is now also interested in decorating but still loves for “Mom” to have a part in this, which I am grateful for.

Jamie Lauriault Interior Designs ~ jllauriault@hotmail.com

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